Wireless Flexible Moisture Sensor

The RFM2100 is a wireless battery-free moisture sensor. This flexible sensor is designed to monitor environmental and material moisture content over a wide range of settings. Typical applications include bulk materials, grain and food products, as well as building and roofing materials.

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Quality Control Moisture Intrusion Sensor

The RFM2110 wireless sensor detects water intrusion in automotive, aircraft, and other semi-enclosed spaces. Modern vehicle assembly is complex and subject to water leaks which require complex repairs. The RFM2110 moisture sensor has been specifically designed for use on metallic surfaces. The flexible design can be attached to complex surfaces using the integrated adhesive strip.

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Moisture Detection Sensor for Healthcare

The RFM2120 battery-free moisture detection sensor is applied to the outside of garments and can detect the presence of liquid. The typical use is in healthcare settings. Healthcare workers can determine if patients need attention. This sensor can be read wireless through bedding and bedclothes.

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