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    My new LED fog light bulbs are flickering what do I need to fix it?
    If you are having flickering issues with your fog light bulbs then you would need resistors installed, also a relay harness will work as well since the relay harness will be drawing power from your battery instead of the circuit of the OEM fog light plugs.
    How do I know if I need resistors or decoders for my fog lights?
    To find out if you need resistors or decoders for your fog lights is by removing ONE bulb and turning on your car and turning on your fog light, if you see any warning signs on your dash board or codes then you would need resistors or decoders.
    How do I fix or remove condensation within my fog light housing?
    If you have condensation within your fog light housing, this may mean that you have a crack or some sort of damage on the fog light itself. If you happen to see damage, the fog light housing must be replaced or the problem will keep happening. If you do not see any damages, you can remove the bulb and use a blow dryer to dry out the housing, once dried check your bulbs to see if it is worn out, replace the O-ring if needed.wholesale Square Car Fog Light