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    IBC Pallet Water Oil Proof Insulation Cover
    . This UV foil is an absolute world first and protected under the utility model law!
    . This foil prevents the liquid in the tank to be affected by UV radiation!
    . The tank can also be used with the foil, since we have installed flaps at the valve, under the pallet. The tap/ palette may be used through these flaps. The flaps fall back down after each use and the tank is once again UV resistant.
    . A hole in the lid (225mm) and 4 small holes are located over the foil so that the liquid from the tank may be drained (about 10mm).
    . The foil was produced from a high-quality UV-PE foil and thus offers the highest quality
    . 2 year warranty on UV stability.
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    1. Designed to insulate shipping containers enabling the goods within to be protected from the dangerous temperature, spikes witnessed during transport.
    2. It can be used across many industries including cosmetic, wine, food and beverage, automotive, plastics, chemicals, computing and electronics.
    3. Also used as bike cover,boat cover,car cover, truck cover,lorry tarps,dump tarps,steel tarps,lumber tarps.
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