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    Shanghai Xinyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional large-screen LCD, small-pitch LED display, touch one machine, screen wall, splicing touch wall, commercial display machine, display interactive software, interactive magic wall engineering research and development, sales, large Screen rental business. The large screen produced by Xinyan Electronics has been recognized by the industry and praised by customers with good quality.
    The company’s products are widely used in transportation, financial management command centers, large conference plazas, shops, stage entertainment, flood control command centers, power production dispatch control centers, military command centers, urban emergency management command centers, radio and television studios, government enterprises. Multimedia video conference display system, mining safety production monitoring system, urban environmental monitoring command system, fire, weather, maritime flood control command system, airport subway flight display, baggage, security monitoring system, theater, media advertising, exhibition display system, brand store Image display system, concerts and other places.
    While continuing to grow ourself, Shanghai Xinyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also bears in mind its own social responsibilities, strengthens its corporate culture, serves its customers and gives back to the society.Interactive Touch Screen Tables for sale