RFM5117 Switchgear Temperature Monitor User Guide

The RFM5117 Switchgear Temperature Monitor allows maintenance teams to track the status of low-voltage and medium voltage switchgear. The system alerts maintenance teams to temperature rises in switchgear components and busbars, which indicate deterioration and potentially dangerous arcing situations. The system is particularly useful for protecting workers and equipment from the catastrophic consequences of switchgear failure. The system employs a family of rugged sensors. A four-port fixed reader monitors sensor status as it cycles through four antennas. Temperature data and control can be accessed via the USB or via a MODBUS/RS-485 interface using SCADA monitoring software.

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RFM5117 Switchgear Temperature Sensor Placement Guide

Switchgear for electric power distribution implements the routing and switching of electric power at utility substations and remotely located sites within the broader electric distribution network. Thermal loads from power flows will vary as those electric loads rise and fall. Continuous monitoring of various components can indicate approximate power levels, and when load imbalances reach an unacceptable level. Thermal monitoring of switchgear busbars can also alert operators when the power balance is shifting as when renewables generation sources go on and off line. Monitoring individual cable connections in the lower section can alert teams when the power demand for individual circuits is outside of the normal and expected ranges.

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RFMicron Sensor EPC Programming Guide

RFMicron sensors employ Smart Passive Sensing™ technology to eliminate batteries and reduce sensor cost. RFMicron sensors can be economically deployed in more varied locations than traditional IoT sensors. With more sensors and more data, it is important to keep track of where sensors are placed. Many applications involve monitoring a specific object, person, or machine. Each RFMicron sensor incorporates two identification codes: TID and EPC.

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