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    Dear Sir,

    I have previously bought your company’s  humidity sensing products(
    RFM2100-AFR、RFM2121-AFR、RFM2110-CFR ). And then, I get the sensor code through RED5(Phychip’ reader).  Could rfmicron give me the advice or tool between sensor code and real humidity ?

    Sharifi Nejad
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    Is there any sample code like temperature sensors to read moisture code??

    I also have the same question. How can we convert it to a number which shows the level of moisture in reality?


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    Hi Sharifi Nejad.

    could you let me know which reader are you suing for reading tag temperature and humidity. I m waiting for your response.


    Gabe Seitz
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    We offer sample code for various readers here:

    The sensor code’s behavior varies per application. So you’ll need to run experiments to understand if it meets your sensing needs. In general, I recommend it only be used for making binary decision (e.g. “Wet” or “Dry”)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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