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    Our sensors use UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID technology. Like other UHF RFID systems, RFMicron’s systems comply with ISO/IEC 18000-63 and EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Generation 2 standards dealing with radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management. Within these standards, there are different regulations based on geographical regions. Among these, FCC for North America and ETSI for Europe are the main two, which differ in operating frequency range: 902-928 MHz for FCC and 865-868 MHz for ETSI.

    Our sensors go far beyond what a normal RFID tag can do by measuring temperature or detecting moisture using the same energy harvesting mechanisms as RFID tags. An important feature that our sensors share with most RFID tags is the ability to be uniquely addressed with an electronic product code (EPC). This is vital in a wide variety of applications that require localized sensing, for example to determine exactly which component in a complex piece of machinery is overheating.

    RFMicron’s sensors deliver much more than a regular RFID tag

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