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    What Can Our Sensors Sense?

    Our existing sensors can measure temperature and detect the presence of moisture.  Our forthcoming RFM5000 Xerxes line will enable passive sensors that can measure electrical quantities like resistance, capacitance, or voltage in addition to temperature. With these sensors, it will be possible to measure physical quantities like strain, humidity, and gas concentration, to name just a few.

    Our moisture sensors are powered by our innovative Chameleon Engine™. Certain changes in the environment, such as contact with moisture or proximity to a metal surface, can change the antenna’s impedance. The Chameleon Engine™ measures this change in impedance and thus provides an indication of the environmental change. Leak detection is one application of this technology. Other possible applications include open-close door alarms and detection of cracks in metal bars/plates. With a customized design and proper installation, our sensors can measure pressure and weight. For example, a sensor installed inside a car seat could sense whether a passenger is seated there.



    Where Do Our Sensors Go?

    RFMicron’s Smart Passive Sensing™ technology enables low-profile, wireless and battery-free sensors sensors that go where no other sensors have gone before. Thanks to their versatile form factor and robust design, our sensors have applications in the automotive and health care industries, power distribution and information technology, and there are many more possibilities to be discovered. Some of these applications are presented below.

    Automotive – RFMicron’s water intrusion detection systems help automakers locate leaks inside vehicles during the quality control process, allowing them to fix the leaks before the vehicle rolls off the factory floor. With traditional water detection methods, it is too easy to overlook a small or well-hidden leak. When water enters the vehicle, it can cause mold and damage the vehicle’s electrical system, leading to expensive repairs. By locating leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed, RFMicron reduces expense for both the automaker and the consumer.

    Switchgear and Data Centers – The equipment in switchgear cabinets and data centers deals with hundreds of kilovolts of electricity, which can lead to dangerous explosions when the equipment fails. In these applications, RFMicron’s continuous temperature monitoring solution alerts maintenance teams to aging components and faulty connections that increase the risk of catastrophic failure. By predicting equipment failure, we improve human safety and ensure that equipment keeps running.

    Predictive Maintenance – Overheating of plant equipment leads to major damage to motors, pumps, and bearings. Continuous temperature monitoring at critical locations of plant equipment can provide an early warning of pending failures so that plant managers can take timely action. Our continuous temperature monitoring allows plant managers to monitor their equipment in real-time without disrupting its normal operation. In addition to safeguarding plant equipment and personnel, our solution also lowers maintenance cost over the service life of the equipment.

    Health Care – In health care, our moisture detection sensors have generated interest as a way to improve quality of life for patients in assisted living. With moisture detection, nurses can be alerted when a patient’s clothing or bedding is wet without disturbing the patient, protecting the patient’s dignity and health.

    Ruttapong Choomuang
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    I looking for temperature sensor “RFM3200” that I plan to use for monitoring health of rotating equipment.

    Can I use RFM3200 for this application?

    If I can use, I would like to know the thickness of this sensor and RFID reader to monitor trend of temperature.

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    I need a wireless pressure sensor. Please provide the model no and manual.


    Hi Ruttapong,

    RFM3200 is suitable for non metal enviorment, you may need other n metal type sensor to do the work,  we have use RFID sensor in many metal enviorment, please feel free to contact me,,  for further discussion on your application.


    Best Regards,

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