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    At RFMicron, we build complete sensing systems designed around our sensors. A complete sensor system from RFMicron typically includes a selection of sensors, a reader, software that runs on the reader, and instructions for installation and use.

    Sensors used in Switchgear cabinets

    Sensors used in Switchgear cabinets

    The number and type of sensors depend on the application and specific use cases. For example, switchgear applications require several different types of temperature sensors that are suited for specific locations in switchgear cabinets, like busbars, cable heads, or contact assemblies. The number of sensors scales with the size and number of the cabinets in the switchgear assembly.

    The choice of reader also depends on the application. In applications where continuous monitoring is not required, or where the sensors may be hard to read because of interfering objects, a handheld reader may be preferred. Predictive maintenance systems which require temperature monitoring of plant equipment are an example of such an application.

    Fixed reader with antenna

    Conversely, some applications may require continuous monitoring or may present conditions that are inconvenient or even hazardous to maintenance personnel. For such applications, a fixed reader may be used. A fixed reader allows several antennae to be connected to it through cables, thus providing sufficient coverage to sense all sensors nearby.

    Handheld Reader

    Communication between the reader and sensors is defined by the EPC GEN 2 UHF specification. It defines the commands that the reader sends to the sensors and how the sensors respond back to the reader. Since our sensors perform specialized functions like measuring temperature or sensing moisture, our readers need custom software to exercise these functions.

    We provide datasheets and user guides for these components to help you get the most out of our sensor systems.

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