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    • Tag is too far from the reader
    • Tag is placed on a surface it was not intended for
    • Reader signal is blocked by an object between the reader and the tag
    • Reader signal is being reflected off an object or flat surface
    • For fixed readers, the cable connecting the reader and antenna is loose
    • Reader transmit power is not set to the maximum level
    • Reader antenna is not aimed at the tag
    • Reader is not set for the correct region, e.g., ETSI instead of FCC
    • Dynamic range of the sensor is exceeded, especially in the case of moisture sensors
    • With software that supports registering sensors, trying to read unregistered tags can give the appearance of a read failure
    • All antennas have a pattern of blind spots, called nulls, and so pointing the reader into a null can lead to read failure or greatly reduced read range
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