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    Good morning,

    I’m trying to read the sensor code off the RFM2100-AFR tags but am running into some issues. I’ve been following application note AN002F40, and have identified my model number as starting with 402. However, the entire reserved memory bank appears to be only 12 bytes long (6 words), so ‘word address 0B’ isn’t accessible. When I instead access byte 0B, it always has the value of 01. This holds across different frequencies, with and without water on the sensor, etc…

    Here is some sample code (using a Mercury API Python wrapper, using a Thingmagic M6 micro reader):

    import mercury

    reader = mercury.Reader(“tmr:////com4”)

    reader.set_read_plan([1], protocol=”GEN2″, bank=[“reserved”, “epc”, “tid”, “user”])
    read = # Returns a list of objects
    # Print frequency + hex representations of all 4 memory banks
    print(“Frequency (tag 0): {}”.format(read[0].frequency))
    print(“Reserved memory bank (tag 0): {}”.format(read[0].reserved_mem_data.hex()))
    print(“User memory bank (tag 0): {}”.format(read[0].user_mem_data.hex()))
    print(“EPC memory bank (tag 0): {}”.format(read[0].epc_mem_data.hex()))
    print(“TID memory bank (tag 0): {}”.format(read[0].tid_mem_data.hex()))

    #Read and print one byte from address 0xB of reserved bank (bank 0)
    sensor_code = reader.read_tag_mem(0, 0xB, 1)
    print(“Sensor code (tag 0): {}”.format(sensor_code.hex()))


    Frequency (tag 0): 923250
    Reserved memory bank (tag 0): 000000000000000030000001
    User memory bank (tag 0): 000000000000000000000000000000000000000a
    EPC memory bank (tag 0): a3433000000000000000000000002999
    TID memory bank (tag 0): e282402d200011d30866216f
    Sensor code (tag 0): 01

    Any tips?

    Gabe Seitz
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    Hi Sean,

    We’ve recently released a comprehensive set of code samples for ThingMagic readers which is available here:




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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