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    Why monitor switchgear equipment?

    Switchgear InspectionSwitchgear equipment is designed to work with heavy electrical loads ranging from tens to hundreds of kilovolts. Over time, as the equipment wears down due to electrical and age-related stress, the risk of catastrophic failures like partial discharge and arc flash increases. In the event of such a failure, there is considerable damage to equipment and possibly loss of human life. The costs of such failures in the form of outages, replaced equipment and damage compensation tends to be very high.

    Monitoring switchgear equipment in a continuous, non-disruptive and safe manner greatly reduces the risk of such failure and can help reduce operational expenditure over the lifetime of the switchgear.

    Why continuous temperature monitoring?

    Temperature GaugeMost failures in switchgear equipment are accompanied with a heat signature at critical locations in the switchgear, like cable heads with loose connections or busbars where the insulation has worn out. By continuously monitoring the temperature at such locations, you can gain valuable insight into the operating condition of your equipment.

    Existing temperature monitoring techniques are more like ‘spot-checks’ and require wearing protective gear and/or removing cabinet doors with the equipment still energized. These methods are not continuous nor safe, thus pointing the need for not just a continuous monitoring method but a non-disruptive one too.

    How can RFMicron help?

    Switchgear fire hazardRFMicron’s continuous temperature monitoring finds pending issues in time for maintenance teams to make repairs, and well before catastrophic faults damage equipment and endanger human life.

    • Wireless: These sensors are installed directly on metal busbars and cable heads to deliver accurate temperature. No wiring needed.
    • Battery-free: Battery-free means no maintenance, which is essential. You don’t need to touch the sensors again after installation.
    • Improved Safety: Continuous monitoring means that maintenance teams always know the equipment’s condition without needing to open energized compartments. This is a major improvement for human safety.
    RFMicron Ambassador
    • ★★★★

    ROI – Return on Investment

    Op-Ex Reduction: Monitor across the network instead of sending a crew in safety gear.

    Improve Up-Time KPIs: Typical substations see failures every two years costing $36k.  Avoid failure.

    Improve Human Safety:

    • $50k for a minor injury
    • $1.5M for serious injury
    • $1.5M for a death

    RFMicron’s Switchgear Monitoring Solution





    RFM5117 Fixed Reader

    Digital Display


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