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    Sebastián Pizarro
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    Actually we are working with the sensor RFM3200-AFR and to read the signal we are using the fixed reader Nordic ID AR52. We use the Demo Nordic ID software and confirm that our hardware was working correctly, it was possible to detect the tags and their respective EPC, however we do not know what the next steps will be, because we have not yet been able to read the temperature from RFM3200-AFR. On our side we tried to deploy the repository:, we followed all the steps, but it was not possible to compile it and to open the “desktop” shortcut. We do not know if there is an API or a public micro-service that allows the discovery of these sensors

    I appreciate a lot your support


    Greg Pitner
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    Hi Sebastián, thanks for your interest. The Hermes code is for a separate development system, not for a 3rd party reader. One of your options is to write your own program to read temperature. Our Application Note AN002 contains sample Nordic ID C# code to get you started. It is available for download on the website.

    Also, we are starting to provide a Java-based programming API (the RfmApi) which supports the AR52, so this is another option. It is mentioned at the link below:

    Industrial IoT Sensor Platform

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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