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    Their are 5.6 million paralyzed people in America only (2013). Most have leaking problems and can’t tell when they happen. Does the Smart Passive Sensor or other have the capability to detect incontenence and then alert my smart phone? I’m paralyzed 2 years now but every paralyzed forum or person I’ve talked to hasn’t  even thought of this question or idea. Pls advise.


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    Incontinence in general is a very big issue, and we have a lot of interest in helping to alleviate its consequences.  Our technology is passive, so it cannot issue an alert.  It can detect incontinence when a caregiver takes a reading with a handheld RFID reader, so our technology is appropriate for facilities with nurses that make rounds checking on the status of residents.  We have seen battery-powered solutions that can issue alerts, and this technology may work in the described use scenario.

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