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    Daniel Aljadeff
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    I would like to know what the maximum temperature that the RFM3250 can survive and for how long. I don’t need the tag to be operational above 145C but I want it to be functional again when the temperature goes below 145C.

    In principle, I would like the tag to withstand 200C for several hours.


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    Dani, Thanks for the question.

    The normal operating range of RFM’s sensors is between -40°C to +85°C. This is based on the design rules from the semiconductor foundry. Although RFMicron cannot guarantee sensor operation beyond this temperature range, we have conducted limited high temperature experiments of up to 145°C for short time-periods.

    At these elevated temperatures, RFMicron has observed a decreased read range to approximately 2 meters at 100°C and 1 meter at 145°C with degraded precision of 5° to 10° C at 145°C. The approximate error magnitude is expected to increase the further the environmental temperature is from the sensor’s calibration temperature, which is initially pre-set at 30°C.

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    Please tell me the cost of   RFM5104-A with appropriate temperature sensor. Also  suggest me the model no for wireless Pressure sensor.

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