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    Regarding obtaining inconsistent results from the same sensor tag, RFMicron’s first suggestion is to verify that the same sensor is being read each time. The demonstration software shipped with the RFM5101 and RFM5102 kits reads all sensors without restrictions. The reader assumes that the sensor closest to the reader will have the strongest return signal.  The sensor with the strongest return signal is reported to the screen. In some cases, the closest sensor will not have the strongest return signal. When the reader is in proximity to multiple sensors, the readings can look erratic, when in fact the reader is simply reporting the results from several sensors. The unique EPC code of the sensor being read is displayed on the software Dashboard and can be used to confirm that the same sensor is being read each time.

    Apart from inadvertently reading multiple sensors, configuring the software to “Fast” mode can significantly increase the variance of the sensor results.  Fast mode should be turned off when higher precision is needed.

    During normal use, a reader would read the devices that have been registered with the system software.  This limits the chance of inconsistent results in the comprehensive system solutions.  For example, the RFM5104 registers each sensor with the software. Data is reported only for the registered sensors.  The software also keeps track of which sensors have responded and which still need to be read. This additional software functionality is a critical difference between the demo software and the system software.


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