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    We often use Impinj hardware for our RFID solutions. But for reading out the temperature  of the RFM3254 we are having difficulties. We think we are executing the needed commands to make the sensor update its temperature. But when we try to read the result we always end up with a 0000(hex) result. We have tested everything using a Nordic ID reader and did not have any problems reading the temperature using the same tag.

    We have seen there is example software for Thingmagic and Nordic ID but none for Impinj. Is this because it is not possible to use this hardware or did you never tried this hardware before.

    Anyway we would like to use the Impinj Reader (R420) and have some support trying to make this work using the .NET C# OctaneSDK or LLRP.

    Thanks in advance,

    Steven P

    Greg Pitner
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    Unfortunately, the R420 and R220 are not capable of reading temperature on the current generation of temperature tags. The root cause is that the Impinj firmware ignores software commands to send Select commands with zero-length masks (which is what’s required to activate the temperature measurement on the tag).

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    Hi Greg, thanks for your answer. We been working on this a few hours and we experiment the same problem with our R420. Can you please tell us if there is any Impinj Firmware version that fix that problem?  (or any other workaround) Thanks!

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    Hi Miguel, I’m not aware on any fix for the R420. But we haven’t tested any recent firmware version, so it is possible that there is a fix but we just don’t know it.

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