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    Handheld reader communicating with a RFM3250 temperature sensor

    Our sensors harvest energy from radio frequency (RF) signals emitted by a reader. The reader, which itself runs on batteries or line voltage, sends commands (using RF signals) to the sensor instructing the sensor to perform some task, such as executing a sense function or reporting back its unique Electronic Product Code (EPC). The sensor decodes and executes the command, and then reports its information back to the reader using its own antenna. The sensor data is backscattered to the reader – meaning it is sent to the reader by reflecting a continuous RF signal sent by the reader.

    When the entire transaction is completed, the sensor powers down. In this sense, the sensor does not constantly run—it only takes measurements when it receives a command from the reader. However, the reader can be programmed to query the sensor at regular intervals to create a regular flow of data.

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    I have some question about this sensor working and installation.

    1. If I would like to apply to PCB boards as below picture, will RF signal disturbs PCB working?

    2. have you seen any customer apply this sensor to measure temperature like this before?

    3. If temperature exceeds normal operating temperature, what it would be? Accuracy is decreased? sensor would be breakdown ?

    If you have another solutions, please give me some advice. You can contact me directly via email , Thank you.



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    I have a question about the magnus s3d chip.

    Is the temperature sensor included on the chip? Or is the sensor the antenna itself?


    Best regards.


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    Hi, The temperature sensor is part of the Magnus S3 chip. But considering that the antenna is connected to the chip and the mass of the antenna is much larger than the mass of the chip, what the temperature sensor, inside the chip, ends up measuring is the temperature of the antenna.


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