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    Hi, I’m Danial Kang.

    I’m currently using RFM3200, 3250, 3254 Tags.

    I have a question about using tags, reffering to ‘RFMicron Application Note AN002F40’ documents.

    To activate the temperature sensor of the tag, I first read the address of 0xE0(h) in the USER bank area.

    but, I couldn’t read any data, and I didn’t check enabled the temperature sensor.

    And After read the User area more than 3ms, I read the 0xE(h) address of the RESERVED Bank area as shown in the document, but I could always read the same value for each tags.


    I’m currently use a Reader based on the Impinj R2000 chip.


    So, my Question is

    1. Is there anything wrong with the way I used it?

    If so, please let me know what went wrong.


    2. Can I get a datasheet? Contain the address where the tag data is stored and etc..


    I would like to know the e-mail address for technical inquiries.

    My e-mail address is


    Please let me know if you can’t understand my poor English.

    Thanks, have a good day!



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